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Some Catholic ideas for the aspiring hacker

(Please release it under BSD and/or AGPL license, considering Creative Commons for the data.)  :)
  • Make a GMaps mash-up of saints over time, a la Trailmapping. Your test cases:
    • St. Francis of Asisi: Italy, Jerusalem
    • St. Ignatius of Loyola: Spain, Jerusalem
    • St. Francis Xavier: all over the world
    • should have a checkbox / filter for the Blesseds.
    • Source: start backward in time, from recent canonizations.
  • A GMaps + GeoDjango mash-up of areas of Dioeceses and numbers of Bishops over time.
    • Should handle titular sees (Auxiliary (Arch-)Bishops)
  • IconNotes, a la Flickr Notes (image map hover tool-tip):
    • San Damiano cross
    • Coat of arms of Bishops and Dioceses.
    • would be nice if it supports more than squares, e.g. the Franciscan Tau.
  • Again, a trailmapping-like mashup for procession routes.
  • Update masstimes.org to follow GMaps and GCalendar.
  • Mass intention tracker:
    • should handle insertions (urgent prayer requests)
  • Lector schedule
    • should handle contact info, "which mass do I go to".
    • should handle "children's mass, kids are reading".
    • for days of multiple readings, the presider can login and pre-rsvp which reading he wants.
    • allow lector to login and "ask for substitute", and for people to substitute.
  • Cantor schedule, in a similar spirit as the above.
  • Music director software:
    • Use lilypond for typesetting.
    • editable electronic sheet, plus limited annotation (change half notes to full notes, change pitch, add interlude, etc)
    • Have a "choir version" and "congregation version" and "instrumentalist version", and "soprano only", with MIDI/mp3 output.
    • Blog/RSS of selection for the mass.
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woah!? sekarang aku paham kenapa kamu bisa dipake n survive.
all-round n details are considered. I'm proud of u